A make-up Masterclass with eye base mania!

Today I delivered a make-up masterclass to five lovely ladies at Gillian’s home in Clapham Junction. It was a welcome break from her one-year old daughter and time out to relax with the girls. They were all very impressed with the Colour Me Beautiful eye base which is a special primer for your eye lids,

Multitasking at a Make-up Workshop!

When running a Make-up Workshop in Queens Park yesterday, I also ended up babysitting one of the clients newborns while they learnt new application techniques and tried a different look. Perhaps that’s what earnt me the generous tip!

Coca-Cola Workshop

Myself and fellow consultant Angela Weyers had a fantastic day with 5 ladies from Coca-Cola doing colour, make-up and style. They went away with lots of tips and bags full of make-up to recreate the look for work on Monday morning. Exhausted but a great day!