Makeover time for mum and daugher duo!

Gail escaped her farmyard chores and three children for the day, along with her mum Brenda, to pamper themselves with a Colour, Make-up and Style session. Gail, a Soft, now knows how to have less contrast in her look which will be easy with her lovely Neat Hourglass figure, always showing off her waist. And

Three lovely lassies from Ireland

Today the Dewhurst girls came to get their colours done. Mum, a Warm, and twin daughters with different colouring, Laura a Warm, and Emma a Soft. We had a great day in my revamped studio comparing colours and working out which ones they all share. The girls had opposite skin tones, so Laura looked great

Colour fun with Laura and Betty!

Laura was fed up looking at the same three colours in her wardrobe, white, grey and black. So today we injected a whole host of accent colours into her world, now as a Clear, Cool, Deep. She was very pleased the wide range of colour combinations she can get from her wallet, and loved the

Goodbye black eyeliner, hello Moss pencil!

Gina, a teacher on Easter break, treated herself this morning to Colour Analysis. Known as Mrs Purple in school, she now has lots of lovely light colours to show off when she starts back, along with a new make-up look. Goodbye black eyeliner and mascara, hello Moss eye pencil and Coral lipstick. The kids won’t