How to wear the Colour Of The Year!

This year, Marsala wins as Pantone Colour of the Year for 2015! We’ll see lots of this on the catwalks at the big four Fashion Weeks happening now, and eventually the high street. But how easy is it to wear?

It’s an elegant colour but lets be frank, it’s not necessarily easy to wear! Thanksfully, I know how to work colour to everyone’s best advantage! If you have a soft and muted colouring and favour chic and understated looks, you can wear it head-to-toe, it’s perfect for you Softs out there! For everyone else, wear it with your favourite colours from your palette, either in contrast (Clears and Deeps) or blend it (Lights, Warms and Cools).

Here are a few tips on how each palette can wear Marsala:

SOFTS – Marsala on you will create an elegant and sophisticated look when you wear it head to toe. As a block colour, wear it with one of your neutral shades; try it with Taupe or Rose Brown.

LIGHTS – Wear Marsala if you are looking for an understated look on its own, or with Stone or Pewter shades. For a more colourful ensemble, wear it with Petrol or Light Teal.

WARMS – Go for the wow factor when you wear it with your Orange Reds and the Greens in your palette such as Turquoise and Lime.

DEEPS – You will bring Marsala into your wardrobe in a print together with your Burgundies, Aubergines, Damsons and Purples.

CLEARS – Marsala is a soft and muted colour so it would not be the first choice for you. However, it can work as part of a print with shades such as Chinese Blue, Emerald Turquoise or Fern. Or you may want to opt for an accessory, but not a necklace or scarf as they are too close to the face; bracelets and handbags would work a treat.

COOLS – You will wear Marsala when you prefer a softer approach to colour in your wardrobe.  Wear it with greys from Charcoal to Silver Grey.

One piece of advice for everyone, if Marsala is close to your face, make sure the lipstick you wear works with it and doesn’t clash, unless you want to achieve a Creative or Dramatic look. Good luck!

LCF Ladies Evening

Last week I was invited along to present at a ladies evening organised by LCF Law Firm in Ilkley, as a treat for their clients.


This ‘Wow for Winter’ event focused on office to evening wear and the key trends this season.



I worked alongside Attic Womenswear boutique to bring to life how these key trends can be worn by everyone, getting them ready for the party season ahead!


Afternoon tea, fizz, massages and goody bags also helped make it a relaxing and enjoyable event for all.


My Oscar de la Renta

I was so sad to hear of Oscar de la Renta’s death yesterday. He was a very talented dress and interior designer and by far my favourite. I am very lucky to have one of his pieces which I’ve been able to wear time and time again. Oscar 1

My wedding dress from Browns Bride London – silk file, classic navy cocktail dress.

Oscar 2

London Fashion Weekend

So it’s all happening in Somerset House again this weekend as we see the British Fashion Council’s take on the Autumn/Winter trends for 2014. Here are the 4 key looks on the high street to snap up if you want to be current this season:

1. Candy Crush

Following on from spring/summer, pastel shades permeated autumn/winter collections with lovely lilacs, powder pinks and baby blues. It’s a grown-up approach with a focus on structured silhouettes, sharp tailoring and elegant sportswear. This trend is the perfect way to add a light touch to a dark winter wardrobe, so it’s great news for you ‘Lights’ out there!

2014 AW Pastles

2. Fairy Tale Ending

An enchanting spell was cast over the collections this season as designers looked to their favourite fairy tales for inspiration, from Little Red Riding Hood to Beauty and The Beast. Get the happily-ever-after you’ve always dreamed of with floaty gowns, delicate details and embellishment. Or add a dash of leather or fierce heels for a tougher edge – some great inspiration here when you’re looking for party outfits later in the year.


3. Jungle Fever (Creative trend)

There’s a tropical storm on the catwalks this season thanks to an abundance of lush hues, exotic motifs and tribal prints. Brave the wilderness by combining earthy tones or go wild in all-out animal prints. Work this trend into your everyday wardrobe by swapping your white shirt for a colourful tropical print number. Perfect for you ‘Creatives’ or anyone who likes a bit of Drama.

2014 AW Prints

4. One and Only

Pick your favourite shade and stick with it. This season it’s all about a confident take on colour, with teamed separates in the same hue, creating head-to-toe looks. Keep accessories muted and play with proportion and texture to mix up this minimal trend. There couldn’t be a more perfect trend for you ‘Softs’ out there.


Plenty to keep you occupied this Autumn Winter!



Top tips for maternity wear

So with Kate Middleton is pregnant again, maternity wear back up to the top of the fashion agenda. It is for me anyway with only two weeks to go! The selection of maternity clothes available is getting better, but there’s still a lack of shops selling a range that you can touch and feel before you buy – most are still only available online. To help narrow down the search, here are my top shops for pregnancy must-haves

  1. Mamas and Papas – a little pricey but they do great dresses which you will definitely get your wear out of, for both work and play. You might have to spend up to £50 but a (not so little) black dress from here will see you through breastfeeding days also. For a much cheaper option, check out the Huddersfield factory outlet for items under £10, bargain!
  2. ASOS – have a massive range of maternity wear online which was favoured by the lovely Yorkshire lass and Tour de France supporter, Kimberley Walsh. She’s had a little boy called Bobby – cute!
  3. H&M – have a nice little range of maternity wear although I could only find this at their Regent Street store. Great for leggings and check out their plus-size range for swimwear if you can’t find any maternity ones – I got a size 22 that has lasted me to full term!
  4. John Lewis – have a lovely Isabella Oliver range but unfortunately they don’t stock the range in their new York store, you need to order online. Great if you need some cute dresses for work.
  5. Primark – have the cheapest jeans and a nice range of maternity clothes in their Trinity store, Leeds. Perfect if you’re near the end of your pregnancy and want to spend only £15 on a nice dress for lunching with the girls once you’re on mat leave!
  6. New Look – always good for wide-fit shoes once your feet start swelling.
  7. M&S – great for nude maternity tights and big knickers. My favourite are the no-VPL range that have no waistband at all and are on offer at 3 for £6.
  8. Bravissimo – fab fitting service for nursing bras and lounge wear to keep you comfy and not looking too frumpy!

Happy shopping!

Dressing bumps for mums-to-be!

For mum’s-to-be it’s difficult to come to terms with your new body shape, particularly if you go from having a waist to a Round figure. This is the case for 7 beautiful ladies expecting in the next few months!

Making the best of a fuller figure involves keeping the middle area uncluttered and simple, bringing attention to the neckline and legs by clever illusion dressing. And of course, wearing your best colours, like these ladies learnt at my Colour, Make-up and Style session this weekend.

Empire dresses and waterfall cardigans are alway swinners, and flat shoes are a must. Think Kimberley Walsh rather than Katie Price!

Kimberly Walsh

Katie Price 2


Colour videos for Kaleidoscope bloggers

I spent yesterday with the Kaleidoscope team and three bloggers filming colour vidoes for their websites.

Colour vid 4

It was an action packed day of consultations filled with advice and tips on how to choose the best colours to wear for Autumn Winter 2014.

Colour vid 3

My favourite peice of the day, great for Clears and Cools.

Colour vid 2

Slightly truamatised at the end of the day when they used my drapes to illustrate the Kaleidoscope of Colour!

Colour vid 6

colour vid 5

My make-up video ranked 2nd on YouTube!

I was so excited to hear this morning from Kaleidoscope fashion catalogue that my mother-of-the-bride make-up video has now had over 5,000 hits and ranks second on YouTube.

Here’s the link if you didn’t see it first time round:

Tomorrow I’ve got another day of fliming with them for Colour videos with 3 UK fashion bloggers. Watch this space … !



Ladies style event at Browns

Following the Tour de France in Yorkshire, I gathered lots of lovely ladies together from the organising team to turn their attention to style, taking a break from men in lycra!


We celebrated the event in the usual way, with cake and fizz at Browns in Leeds City Centre.


What better way to balance out the male dominated sport than a girly evening together talking colour, make-up and style!


What’s your best red?

An existing client Lou brought along with her today Anne, mother-in-law-to-be. Anne was a classic Light with lovely delicate skin, ash blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked beautiful in cool make-up colours and was re-introduced to pink. We also found her best red, geranium. By the time she left, she looked just like Dame Helen Mirren!

Feeling human again

Aside from the fact that I’m obsessed with Mad Men series 6 at the moment, I had a real life Warm client today to get her colour done. Having just had a baby on Boxing Day, Jess wanted to cash in a Christmas present from her husband, to help her feel more human again! Mission accomplished.

Surprise Colour Party!

As a surprise, Judy brought her daughter, daughter-in-law and son’s girlfriend to the studio today for a surprise colour party. They were very excited to hear what make-up and colours suited them best and were able to compare notes between Lights, Softs and Deeps. A great way to bond and treat yourself on a Wednesday afternoon!