This year, Marsala wins as Pantone Colour of the Year for 2015! We’ll see lots of this on the catwalks at the big four Fashion Weeks happening now, and eventually the high street. But how easy is it to wear?

It’s an elegant colour but lets be frank, it’s not necessarily easy to wear! Thanksfully, I know how to work colour to everyone’s best advantage! If you have a soft and muted colouring and favour chic and understated looks, you can wear it head-to-toe, it’s perfect for you Softs out there! For everyone else, wear it with your favourite colours from your palette, either in contrast (Clears and Deeps) or blend it (Lights, Warms and Cools).

Here are a few tips on how each palette can wear Marsala:

SOFTS – Marsala on you will create an elegant and sophisticated look when you wear it head to toe. As a block colour, wear it with one of your neutral shades; try it with Taupe or Rose Brown.

LIGHTS – Wear Marsala if you are looking for an understated look on its own, or with Stone or Pewter shades. For a more colourful ensemble, wear it with Petrol or Light Teal.

WARMS – Go for the wow factor when you wear it with your Orange Reds and the Greens in your palette such as Turquoise and Lime.

DEEPS – You will bring Marsala into your wardrobe in a print together with your Burgundies, Aubergines, Damsons and Purples.

CLEARS – Marsala is a soft and muted colour so it would not be the first choice for you. However, it can work as part of a print with shades such as Chinese Blue, Emerald Turquoise or Fern. Or you may want to opt for an accessory, but not a necklace or scarf as they are too close to the face; bracelets and handbags would work a treat.

COOLS – You will wear Marsala when you prefer a softer approach to colour in your wardrobe.  Wear it with greys from Charcoal to Silver Grey.

One piece of advice for everyone, if Marsala is close to your face, make sure the lipstick you wear works with it and doesn’t clash, unless you want to achieve a Creative or Dramatic look. Good luck!

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