The most amazing swimsuit ever … if you have boobs and a tummy!

I’ve tried bikinis and tankinis, even really expensive ones from Bravissimo. But now I think I’ve found the best swimsuit ever from Debenhams! It has a built in under-wiring for bust support and control around the tummy area.

On my search I couldn’t believe how few swimsuits have proper bust support, and this is the only one I found that had wiring, so you feel like you’re wearing a bra and have proper support. The fabric is really firm so it holds in your tummy. It also helps that the pattern is nice and distracting too, without being too big!

It’s low cut on the leg so minimal work on the bikini line front! And to top it off, it has think straps which come in close at the arms so no need to worry about the little bits of ‘extra’ skin that can peep out.

AND finally, lucky me, it’s the perfect colour for a Clear Warm! In fact, it’s exactly the same colour as my Warm Pink lipstick that I wear every day. I’m going be so colour coordinated in the hot tub hotel in Colorado in September. Can’t wait! If only I had the figure below to go with it …



Graduate Fashion Week


Last week I went to Graduate Fashion Week in Earls Court, London. It was great to see all the new talent coming up through the ranks, and the amazing courses now available to study fashion throughout the UK.


My highlight was being able to style a professional model for a photo shoot! We got 5 mins to put an outfit together. I was very pleased with min! I chose the items based on the colouring of the model, a Soft, and picked items which I suited her body shape and age.


If only I could make this a full timejob!


Selfridges brand new Denim Studio – jeans for all!

On Monday of this week, Selfridges opened its new Denim Studio with over 11,000 pairs of jeans.

Larger than two Olympic swimming pools, the studio offers jeans for all shapes and price ranges – with brands from top designers including Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Roland Mouret and Erdem, to bargain basement Primark (it’s even complete with Primark’s first event self-service checkout). The cheapest pair is £7 and they go right up to £11,000 (with diamonds and your name stitched on the back)!

It is the largest dedicated denim department in the world (even bigger than their shoe hall!) with their own alternations service and Fit Studio on-site. Sourcing the perfect pair of jeans will never be a chore again!

Denim 1

Featured in ‘Chic at any Age’ blog

At the Kaleidoscope event on Wednesday, I did colour anaylsis for Josephine, a fashion journalist, who featured me in her blog:

She’s a perfect example of a Cool but was wearing very soft colours. She was delighted when I advised her to brighten up her wardrobe to bring out her bright eyes. Doesn’t she look great in the red and pink mixed with dark and light colours?!


Coca-Cola Workshop in Hammersmith

Considering how nice the weather is in London, I got a great turn out today for my Colour and Style workshop at the Coca-Cola head offices in Hammersmith. Employees (even a few men) came along during their lunch hour to hear how important it is to dress appropriately for work. Wearing in the right clothes can increase your chances of promotion, giving the impression you not only care about your appearanc, but everything you put your hand too. The lovely Lynne who invited me along, was a great model and a Classic Light!



Styling in Oxford Street

Two very different clients yesterday for image consultations.

Liz was keen to make more of her style by moving towards a City Chic look. She’s had a beautiful trim, Lean Column body shape, with Deep Warm colouring, so looked fab in short tailored jackets in dark and bright colours. Armed with colour, make-up and style advice, Liz will be able to fill those wardrobe gaps with warmer colours to complement her brown hair and eyes. A great Makeover session with time for lunch in the brasserie.

Robert was determined to up his game in work and having been advised by a CEO mentor to get his colour and image done. He went away with a wallet full of Soft and Warm colours with plenty of options for office wear. As an Inverted Triangle, Italian suits are best giving a crisp and sharp look, complementing his body shape. Having come from a village in Germany, he now has heaps of ideas for work and socialising in London.

A long but very fun day back in the capital!